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Animal worship in Vietnam

The animals of the rice fields

The type of agricultural culture favoring the sentimental aspect leads the Vietnamese to practice the cult of peaceful animals such as Deer, deer, buffalo, toad, etc. Animal worship is very important in Vietnam and we explain why.

A crane on the back of the turtle in Vietnam
A crane on the back of the turtle

In particular, the type of rice-based crop in flooded terrain has caused it to deify animals from wet regions such as shorebirds, snakes, turtles, fish and crocodiles (which feature abundantly on bronze drums). The natural artistic inclinations of this type of culture of agricultural origin have even elevated these animals to the rank of symbols by creating “Tien” (immortal) and “Rông” (dragons), Phuong (phoenix). Legend has it that the Vietnamese are descended from the Hong Bang family, the race of immortals and dragons.

two dragons snail to the moon in animal worship
Two dragons snail to the moon

The Vietnamese dragon

The dragon carries within it the two specific fundamental characteristics of agricultural thought, synthesis and flexibility: it is the meeting of the snake and the crocodile that flies into the air without the need for the wings, spitting both fire and water. The image of the Dragon is everywhere on tombs, tombs, the royal city, temples and pagodas. Many geographical places in Vietnam have “dragon” in their name: Ham Rong Mountain (Jaw of the Dragon), the ancient capital of Vietnam Thang Long (Dragon taking flight), Ha Long (Descending Dragon, the great river in the south Cuu Long (Nine Dragons), Bach Long Vi (Tail of the White Dragon), Long Dien (Dragon Field), Long Mon (Dragon Gate) etc.

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