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Tipping in Vietnam

Should you tip in Vietnam?

Apart from the program and the services concerning a stay in Vietnam, for almost all travelers, the question often arises: “How much tip to provide per day for the guide, for the driver and for other service providers?”.

Tipping in Vietnam
Tipping in Vietnam, compulsory or not?

As a local agency, we also find that this question is very practical and interesting but difficult to give a fixed rule. In reality, tipping is not included in the tour price. It depends on your satisfaction throughout your stay. But generally, travelers often give a small sum to guides, drivers, porters…to encourage them. So if you’re very happy with one or the other, you can give absolutely what you think is good, even if it’s “important” – it’s okay to reward someone who has done you well. assistance…

What is the recommended amount?

Generally, by summarizing comments and personal opinions of travel forumers in Vietnam, we find that we often give 3 to 4 euros / person / day (if we are in a group of two to four people) or 2 to 3 euros/person/day (if you are in a group from 5) to the guide and a little less to the driver. If you are happy with the services on site, you can give them even more. This would encourage guides, drivers, … enormously in their profession.

For porters at the hotel, a small sum of 15,000-20,000 VND (7 cents to one dollar) per suitcase. It’s still the norm.

As for the restaurants, generally, the waiters should not be given anything, except for such and such a supplementary service which pleases you.

Also, tipping rickshaws, sampans always seem optional but in reality, life for these people is very difficult. To have work, in principle, it is necessary to be a member of a cooperative and each day, each has a turn if possible. Sometimes, in the low tourist season, you have to wait two or three days for your turn. These workers are only paid part of the ticket fees being kept by the cooperative. So tipping them a little isn’t too much of a stretch.

We believe you will always have good choices that you think are good so you don’t embarrass yourself or overspend.

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