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The legend of Restored Sword Lake

Here we tell you about the Legend of Restored Sword Lake. A very long time ago, the Vietnamese people suffered from Chinese Ming rule. He suffered from the increase in taxes every year. Famine struck the whole country and the population eventually rose up in Thanh Hoa province, under the leadership of a man named The Law. Unfortunately, these ill-armed men, weakened by hunger, suffered defeat after defeat.

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Then the Emperor of the Water Kingdom, Lac Long Quan, took pity on the people and decided to come and help them out of this situation.

At that time lived a fisherman called Le Thanh. One morning he pulled his net as usual, but it seemed heavier “finally a good peach!” he said to himself. But no fish, it was only an iron bar, disappointed, he threw it back into the water. When he pulled up his net the second time, he will once again find this iron bar. He sent her away from the boat, bourgeoning. He threw his net for the third time. But very curious, instead of the expected fish, he caught the iron bar.

“My faith, it’s not a bar, it’s a sword,” he shouted then, after looking at it better. “A real sword, which is only missing the handle!”. Sometime later, Le Thanh joined the troupe of Le Loi. One day The Law stopped at the fisherman’s house with a few soldiers. While his men were resting in the shade of the banyan tree, The Law entered the hut. He suddenly discovered in a corner a very bright object that seemed to attract him with a magnetic force. “Such a sword would be worthy of a king! Too bad she doesn’t have a handle anymore…” he said to himself. He questioned Le Thanh to find out the origin of the sword. The fisherman told him everything. After a short rest, The Law and his men set out, quickly forgetting the sword and its extraordinary history. One day the Law sealed his faithful courier and sank into the forest. He was already far away when he suddenly saw, deep in the trees, a blinding glow. The mysterious glow sparkled at the top of a tree. The Law climbed and soon found that it was a sword handle. When he grabbed this handle, the story of the fisherman Le Thanh came back to mind.

legend of the lake of restored sword to the puppet show on the Vietnamese water

The next day he went back to him and showed him the handle, found in such strange circumstances” believe me, lord, it is heaven itself that sends it to us to help us in our just fight, “said the fisherman. He was right: With this prodigious sword, the Law led his troops from victory to victory. Soon the country was liberated, and The Law became its new king.

A year passed. One day while taking a junk ride in the lake, he suddenly saw a turtle appear in front of the bow that addressed him in a human voice: “The Law, my Master begs you to kindly return his magic sword to him”

restituted sword lake with turtle tower in  vietnam

Then, the Law finally understood that Emperor Long Quan Lake had helped him when he had been in need. He removed the sword from his belt and handed it to the turtle, which disappeared with it into the water of the lake.

Since then, the lake in downtown Hanoi has been called the Lake of the Restored Sword.

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