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The origins of the Vietnamese

The story about the origins of the Vietnamese

The origins of the Vietnamese: Once upon a time there was a Kinh Duong king who had received gifts from heaven, he ruled the land of Su with his wife Long Nu, the daughter of the Dragon King of the Water Kingdom. They had a son Lac Long Quan.

This prince was not only handsome but also very strong and courageous. When he came of age, his father ceded the throne to him. He knew many adventures and fights because, in those times, the demons were very numerous.

King Ly Nam of (503-548)

After defeating the most terrible demons, and judging that the country was now living in tranquillity, Lac Long Quan decided to join his mother’s palace in the Water Kingdom.

Sometime later, taking advantage of the absence of Long Quan Lake, the Kingdom was invaded by the armies of the ruler of the North. He was an authoritarian and wicked man, but his daughter was of incomparable beauty.

Legend of Lac Long Quan- Au Co

The people could no longer bear the wickedness of this sovereign, and ended up imploring the help of Long Quan Lake, he rushed on the spot, responding to the call of his people. On the way to the fortress of the evil sovereign, Lake Long Quan met Princess Au Co who was the most beautiful and charming read of princesses.

Moreover, the “love at first sight” was reciprocal, as if they were born to love each other. Au Co asked her lover to help her escape the paternal tyranny. The hero agreed and took the princess to the mountain fortress that the locals once built for him to fight against the demons. Furious, the sovereign sent his troops in pursuit of the lovers.

But Long Quan Lake crushed them victoriously. Frightened in turn, the sovereign decided to return to the North.

the legend of lac long quan and au co in vietnam

The two lovers then lived great moments of happiness. So much so that one day the princess gave birth to a bag of skin that contained a hundred fetuses. After six days, it was a hundred beautiful boys who grew up quickly and became young men as strong as they were intelligent.

Statue and Festival of Lac Long Quan and Au Co
Statue and Festival of Lac Long Quan and Au Co

One day Long Quan Lake felt overwhelmed by nostalgia for its land of waters. He confessed to his wife that he could not continue to live with her because she was made to live in the mountains and he, the dragon, had to live underwater. So, they decided to separate and share their children. Fifty left with their fathers for the plains and became ancestors of the Kinhs, or Viets. The eldest was proclaimed king under the name of Hung, the founder of the 1st dynasty. He built his capital in Phong Chau. The other fifty left with their mother in the mountains. They are the ancestors of all the peoples still living today in these places and on the highlands.

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