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In cooperation with L’école des rizières – Voyage 2019 – Chapter 13

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Travel 2019: Chapter 13 – The Story of Mr. Chang A Plua

The third family we visited was Mr. Chang A Plua’s family
When he discovered, in August, the small wooden hut in which Mr. Chang lived with his wife and 3 children, Bau was deeply shocked.
The hut was so small that you had to walk with your back bent.
A few years ago, Mr Chang had considered taking out a 10-year loan of VND20,000,000 (€770) to relocate his family.
The monthly payment that the bank offered him was less than 10 € but for Mr. Chang, this sum was impossible to repay.

In August during his visit to Lao, Bau gathered Mr. Chang’s many siblings to see how they could help him.

They all contributed to the extent of their small possibilities and through his association Horizon-Vietnam, Bau added 12,000,000 VND (460 €) so that the project could be launched.
They signed a contract and Mr. Chang received half of the budget.
When we arrived at Mr. Chang’s house in September, the new frame was erected and it was a particularly happy man that we met.
While waiting for the new house to be finished, the couple and their three children lived in the old hut, which was reduced in size to make room for the construction work.

After two months of work, the new house is now completed.

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