Hue is a tourist city located in the middle of Vietnam with lots of historical relics and scenic spots. Here, tourists will feel special weather and climatic conditions, different from the northern and southern provinces.

The climate and weather of Hue are tropical with monsoons, but it brings the transitional characteristics of the subtropical climate to the internal tropical climate with monsoons. That is why the winter and the dry season here are not manifest as in the North and in the South.

The weather in Hue is defined by two trends: “dry and hot” or “wet and cold with rain”. The hot season starts from May to September due to the influence of the southwest wind. The average temperature of this season is 27 to 29 degrees C. The hottest months are May and June: the temperature can reach 38 to 40 degrees C. However, the cold season begins in October and ends in March. During this season, due to the influence of northeast monsoons, it rains a lot and it is cold. The average temperature is around 20 to 22 degrees C. The lowest temperature here is 8 degrees.

Especially, when traveling to Hue, visitors are very impressed by “Hue rain”. This is considered a “specialty” of the city and it usually starts in September. Long-lasting rains appear in calm, nostalgic paintings of this old capital. Hue rain is also an endless inspiration for artistic creativity, suitable for aspects of music, poetry, tea, or contemplation.

The meteorological and climatic conditions of Hue are rigorous, the inhabitants adapted to it and transformed it into a particularity to develop tourism. In Hue, it is easy to find rain-themed restaurants, hotels, and cafes. The people of this city create handicrafts, and souvenirs related to the rain, for example, the conical hat, the umbrella, the raincoat,…

Nowadays, most visitors decide to go there during the rainy season in order to admire the calm and ancient beauty of the old capital.