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Women In Vietnamese Society

As a result of the country’s openness and globalization today, societies around the world have developed. Thanks to the development of society, the role of Vietnamese women in Vietnam has changed not only in families but also outside. Staying at home is not the only thing they can do, they can now have a more important place in society.

Let’s see, in this article, the position of Vietnamese women in Vietnam in the past and its evolution in recent days.


In Vietnam, matriarchy appeared in the Upper Paleolithic. During this time, women were more respected than men since men had no economic control. Women were responsible for fruit picking, harvesting, breeding as well as delivering food, so they had more power in the tribe. It can be said that this economic form during this period makes the role of women important.

During the feudal period (from the I to the XIX century)

However, to the development and changes in history, matriarchy was replaced by patriarchy. After China came and maintained its rule over Vietnam for more than a thousand years, Chinese culture affected the Vietnamese tradition. The Chinese ruled and educated the Vietnamese people with their literature and ideas, notably Confucianism. Under Confucianism, women were strongly influenced. With patriarchy, women were not recognized, only men were heads of household and could intervene in society. As a result, women were not treated in the same way as men in all aspects of life.

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In the family

Women had to do all the household chores, and take care of their husbands, parents as well as children. The family is the nucleus of society according to Confucianism. However, Confucianism refused to recognize the important role of women in the family; although they sacrificed their lives for their families. Women are still subject to Confucian rule. They still depend on men. Because they were raised and told that they had to obey and respect men to become a good girl and a good wife. They were not allowed to express their opinion and participate in family business decisions.

During this period, most women in rural areas are illiterate. Only some women from wealthy families could study, but they could not study at the university level. In fact, the study only to make their fathers and husbands feel happy. It was ridiculous and unfair. In addition, women should learn to cook well and become good wives and mothers.

Here is a dedicated article about the Vietnamese woman in the family:

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Gender inequality

Women in the feudal period cannot decide how many babies they want to have. For male descendants are privileged, they must, therefore, try to have a son at all costs. The Patriarchate emphasizes that only men can inherit the family’s property. It can be said that for people of this period “A single boy is positive; ten girls are still negative.” In addition, only men could participate and become members of the civil service.

It is found that during this feudal period, women were almost invisible in society and even in their families. They couldn’t say what they thought. Even in marriage, they did not always have the right to choose the person they wanted to marry. And when they are not satisfied with the marriage, they could not divorce, only men had this power.

In colonial times and during wars (late nineteenth to the twentieth century)

The feudal period was replaced by the colonial period beginning with the arrival of the French and Americans in Vietnam. Under the new influence of these two countries, regulations were less strict for Vietnamese women than in feudal times. Moreover, during the Vietnam War, Vietnamese women were not only supported in the rear but also participated directly on the battlefields. They have made an important contribution to the achievement of the country’s successes.

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After the victory of the revolution in 1945, the position of women reached a new stage. The government has officially recognized equality between men and women. Women, therefore, had the same power as men.

The current period

Nowadays, with the development of society and the economy, Vietnamese women are more independent. Now they get the role of balance in families as well as in society. Vietnamese thinking about women is now changed. Women no longer have to worry about social barriers or social prejudices.

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In families, they no longer have to stay at home and do household chores on their own. These family things are now the responsibility of all men and women. Even though household chores are still more done by women, women can now ask their husbands to share the work of the house. They can also participate in decision-making regarding family problems. In society, women can go to school and do social activities like men. The number of women who also have their own businesses and participate in the political system is increasing.

Nowadays, the Vietnamese woman in Vietnam is not only a symbol of the charm and beauty of the country but she is also taking an increasingly important role in the development of Vietnam.

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