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Our humanitarian work in 2019

Yen Bai, August 11, 2019
Our dear travellers!

It is thanks to you that we were able to carry out our 2019 humanitarian mission. Last weekend on August 11, the Horizon Vietnam team went to the village of Lao ( 160 km from Hanoi ). A part of our income (1 dollar per traveller) allows us to carry out this project.
We took rice, clothes, school supplies, etc. in our vehicle to the top of a mountain that shelters the 82 families of Hmong ethnicity. All this was offered directly to all the families in the village. In addition, the team decided to give a hand to 2 of the most disadvantaged families in the village to rebuild their homes.
Our 2019 humanitarian trip went wonderfully well. The joy and the smiles of the inhabitants warmed our hearts. This encourages us a lot for our future humanitarian projects.
On our side, we are very happy to share with you these moving and unforgettable moments through the pictures. You will surely appreciate them.
Once again, the entire Horizon Vietnam Travel team would like to thank all the volunteers and donors, and our valued travellers, for helping us to carry out this great initiative.

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