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“Aimer pour guider” competition in 2020

The final round of the “Aimer pour Guider” competition was held on the afternoon of June 20, 2020 at the Vu Dinh Lien Hall, Faculty of French – NUCE with the participation of representatives of donors, teachers and students of the Faculty of French Language and Culture – VNU, representatives of universities with students participating in the competition and a large number of participants.


In particular, the sponsorship of the Asia-Pacific Office of the Francophone Organization, the Wallonia-Brussels Diplomatic Service (WBI), the French Embassy, ​​the Open Asia Group, including the travel agencies Horizon Vietnam Travel, Asia Aventura and Travelogy contributed to the success of the contest.

aimer pour guider award

Overcoming 24 works by 33 contestants, the competition was performed by two young people Vu Minh Phuong and Do Vu Viva from the Faculty of French Language and Culture (Faculty of French Language and Culture), University of Foreign Languages ​​(University of Foreign Languages) – The National University of Vietnam Hanoi (National University of Hanoi) won first prize in the “Aimer pour Guider” competition for young French-speaking guides organized by the French Tourism Club, as part of the Faculty of French Language and Culture, University of Languages ​​and International Studies, National University of Hanoi.


The “Love to Guide” competition provides a playground for French students, especially students who have the ability and passion to become French guides in the future. During the competition, the students were able to demonstrate their ability to talk about places to visit in Vietnam in French. By participating in the competition, you not only learn more French knowledge, tourism knowledge, interpreting skills, but also exchange and connect with friends who love to travel and who are passionate about becoming a guide. Through quality presentations, exciting and exciting dialogues of the competitor with the Jury composed of representatives of sponsors, directors of travel agencies and seasoned guides,

First prize: Student group Vu Minh Phuong and Do Vu Viva – University of Foreign Languages


Mr. Chékou Oussouman – Director of the Asia-Pacific Office of the Organization of La Francophonie and Ms. Le Canh Chi – Representative of Openasia Group jointly awarded the first prize.

Second Prize: Student Vu Hoang Nam – University of Foreign Languages


Mr. Ta Duy Bau – Director of Horizon Vietnam Travel and Mrs. Le Tuyet Nhung – Representative of the Wallonia-Brussels Diplomatic Service (WBI) jointly awarded the second prize.

Third Prize: Le Thi Quynh and Trinh Pham Thanh Thao Student Group – Foreign Trade University


Mrs. Lucile BRUAND – Attaché in charge of education representing the French Embassy and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai – Director of the Asia Aventura travel agency jointly awarded the third prize.

Two consolation prizes:

Group of students Nguyen Thanh Hien and Do Nguyen Anh – Hanoi University and University of Foreign Languages ​​Student Tran Thi Thom – University of Foreign Languages


Mr. Vu Van Tuyen – Director of Travelogy Vietnam travel agency receives consolation prize

Professors and students of the Faculty of French Language and Culture as well as participating candidates, laureates and guests, sponsors, professors and students from other universities.


The Tourism Club of the Faculty of French Language and Culture – La Route des Dévouvertes would like to thank the sponsors, judges, teachers, candidates and students for their great contribution to the success of the competition!

See you at the next events of La Route des Découvertes!

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