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In cooperation with L’école des rizières – Voyage 2019 – Last chapter

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Voyage 2019 – Last chapter: End of the story

We were about to get into the vehicle to get back to Hanoi when a young man stopped us.

Bau had financed a new house for his sister and wanted to know if it was possible that his family would also be relocated.

Bau explained to him that for this year his humanitarian budget was fully spent, but that we agreed to follow him to see where he lived.
Mr. Chao A De had no house.
The only thing he owned was a bed he had put in his parents’ kitchen.
And that’s where he lived, in the smoke, with his wife and two young children.

Mrs. Chao’s delicate health did not give her enough physical strength to be able to work, so their budget was in shortage.

From the conversation, we learned that the couple’s oldest daughter was of school age but that the distance between home and school was too far for her parents to take her there.

So Mr. Chao’s dream was to have a house near the school so that, later, his daughter could walk there.
Bau, unfortunately, told him that for this year it would not be possible, but that in 2020, his family would be the first to be relocated.
Mr. Chao understood but he was really sad because the school year had just started and he was sorry that his daughter could not join the other students.
This situation really touched us, so without thinking too much, we told Bau that the construction of this house could start, because the « l’école des rizières » would finance it.
Mr. Chao signed a contract to build his new house within 2 months and when we returned to Hanoi, we saw a happy couple and a grandmother who couldn’t believe that such a miracle could happen.

When we returned to France, we transferred the money to Bau to finance the
The house is now finished and Mr. Chao’s family will move in in the next few days so that the little girl can go to school immediately.
Mr. and Mrs. Chao with the village chief and Horizon-Vietnam employees.




As the construction of this house was not budgeted in our 2019 humanitarian envelope, we talked about this family in our friends and family network, to try to collect some of the funds we had advanced.
The first donations have arrived and we warmly thank all the people who mobilised themselves and particularly the veterans of FC Lampaulais.
If you also wish to help us, you can send your donations by cheque to the order of:

L’école des rizières

Chez Christine and Didier Mellouet

31 rue de Porscave

29810 Lampaul Plouarzel.

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