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Horizon Vietnam Travel - more than 600 thank-you letters from ours travellers

Since its foundation, with 14 years of experience, HORIZON VIETNAM Travel has organized a large number of tours for tens of thousands of people. 98% of the travellers say they are fully satisfied with their trip. On this page, we invite you to read more than 600 thank-you messages from our travellers about their last visits to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma and to get to know them.

Claudine Depin (group 8 people)

Hello Mrs. Doan, We are all very satisfied with the trip organized by your agency. After three weeks in your beautiful country, the desire to leave “titillates” us I can… View more

Madame Johanne LARIN (group 4 people)

Québec - Canada
Good morning Mrs. Ly How beautiful memories will keep us off this magnificent trip to Vietnam? People in the villages always smiling, breathtaking landscapes to the north in the Sapa… View more

Madame Voyenne (group 02 people)

ROUEN - France
Thank you for your photo, very successful! We came back delighted with our trip and very happy with your service. Everything worked without any problems, we really liked all our… View more

Francis Tritsch (group 01 people)

France - France
Appreciation of my trip with Horizon Vietnam Travel. From 27/11 to 15/12 Hello I am currently in the second week of my tour with Horizon Vietnam Travel and I already… View more

M. LEBAS (group 09 people)

Hello, We have an excellent holiday and would like to thank you for your welcome and the organization of the tour which perfectly matched our expectations. The hotels, the excursions,… View more

Mme BABOULENE (group 05 people)

Castelnau-d'Estrétefonds - France
Hello Mrs. DOAN, I thank you for your mail which crosses a little with mine because I intended to write to you to tell you how much the five of… View more

M. Eric RAIMONDEAU (group 06 people)

Couëron - France
Hello Thank you for your email I must tell you that as far as we are concerned, we have an unforgettable memory of crossing your magnificent country. The organization you… View more