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Visa price in Vietnam

How much does it cost to apply for a visa in Vietnam?

This must be a frequently asked question for travelers before coming to Vietnam. And of course paying for visa in Vietnam is mandatory.

Price for visa at Vietnam Embassy in Paris

If you find the Vietnamese Embassy at home, your visa costs about 85€ for a simple entry and is valid for one month. But a 3-month professional visa or business visa costs €115 (135 with multiple entries).

Visa prices provided by the agency

If you go through a local agency or letter, normally that partner is responsible for obtaining an authorization letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam and sending it to you via email or post. You present when you arrive in Vietnam by submitting directly to Vietnam Customs, visa price: 45 USD / person (from 01/01/2013) single entry; 65 USD/person if multiple entry is under a month and 95 USD if more than one month.

Visa extension price

For visa extension in Vietnam: the price of this type of visa is 25 and 30 US dollars (18 and 22 €), whether for the first one month or second extension. Do not hesitate to compare prices. Lead time: usually 3 to 5 working days.

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