Climate and weather in Hoi an

Wondering about the climate and weather in Hoi an? You are right, you always have to plan something to deal with the change in temperature! Hoi An city is located in the humid tropical monsoon zone. Typical for the climate of Vietnam, it also enjoys a tropical climate. This city is influenced by the central coastal climate in Vietnam: hot, humid, seasonal rains. It is hot all year round with an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.

This ancient city has only two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season instead of four seasons like in northern Vietnam. The dry season lasts from January to July and the rainy season from August to December. In general, the climate in Hoi An is mild and pleasant. The temperature differences are not so great between summer and winter. The highest temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature only reaches 18 degrees Celsius. For one thing, the rainy season in Hoi An city lasts quite a long time. Typhoons and floods sometimes appear and may disrupt the trip. So the number of visitors decreases during this season. If you want to visit Hoi An during this period, remember that the weather is unpredictable! On the other hand, Hoi An dry season is the best time to visit the city, especially in February, March, and April as the weather becomes very mild and beautiful with moderate temperature, low humidity, less rain and sunny skies. With two distinct seasons, Hoi An brings you different experiences in each season. For those who love the famous beaches near Hoi An like CuaDai Beach or An Bang Beach, the end of May or the beginning of June is perfect to discover this paradise.

If you visit Hoi An on the 14th day of a lunar month, this ancient town brings you interesting experiences with its Full Moon Festival and “Old Quarters Street at Night”.

Hoi An climate by month

In January, the climate and weather in Hoi an are very pleasant. The average temperature is around 21°C at this time. It rains sometimes. During the night, the temperature can drop to 18°C ​​and during the day, the maximum temperature can reach 24°C. January is the coldest month of the year.

In March it is sunny. The average temperature is 24°C. At night, temperatures do not drop below 21°C and during the day they can rise to 28°C. Rainfall is lower. Like February, this month is one of the best times to discover this ancient city.

In June, the average temperature is 29.5°C. June is the hottest month of the year. The heat and humidity at this time can cause discomfort for you. During the night temperatures can reach 26°C and during the day go up to 34°C.

In October, Hoi An is very rainy. Rainfall is the heaviest of the year with an average of 526mm. The average temperature is around 26°C. the minimum temperature would be 22°C and the maximum would be up to 29°C.

Information not to be missed before visiting the city of Hoi An

– The best time to travel: January-July (especially the month of February, March, and April)

– On average, temperatures are always high.

– A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: August, September, October, November and December.

– June is the hottest month.

– January is the coolest month.

– March is the driest month.

– October is the rainiest month. It is better to avoid this month if you don’t like too much rain.