Condition of payment

The general conditions of sale regulating the relationship between travel agencies and their customers are prior to all commercial transactions, these conditions are an integral part of the contracts, verbal or written, between the agency HORIZON VIETNAM Travel and its customer.

1. Reservation and confirmation

Following the confirmation of the stay made by the client with HORIZON VIETNAM Travel, HORIZON VIETNAM Travel will ask for a deposit of 20% of the total cost of the trip, whose transfer act will have the force of a firm commitment between him and HORIZON VIETNAM Travel. The balance will be paid upon arrival in Vietnam. In case the tour starts with Laos, Cambodia or Burma, the payment of the balance will have to be made 15 days before the date of your departure (the detailed method of payment will be specified by one of our travel consultants). In case of non-fulfilment of this rule without the agreement of HORIZON VIETNAM Travel, this will be seen as an act of cancellation of the trip, according to the details mentioned in paragraph 4.a.

Upon receipt of the transfer amount from the Client, HORIZON VIETNAM Travel will make all necessary reservations for the services. The contract and the invoice will be sent to the client by fax or e-mail.

2. Price and after sale

The proposed rates are calculated in euros. They are based on the services that have been clearly mentioned in the programme. The prices do not include any services prior to check-in at the departure airport, nor drinks, tips and any personal expenses, or visa fees. These prices are subject to change according to airfares, currency fluctuations and hotel or ground transportation rates.

After-sale, these prices will be valid, for a period specified by HORIZON VIETNAM Travel, for use in pricing, billing or distribution of any other document sent to its client.

While these prices remain valid, they may be subject to readjustment in the event of very significant currency fluctuations, and a significant increase in the price of fuel, hotels, and air or land transport. In case the client refuses the request for readjustment, HORIZON VIETNAM Travel reserves the right to cancel the programme and refund the deposit paid by the client.

3. Modification of the trip

a. Modification by the client

At any time, customers can ask us for changes to the trip according to their wishes, HORIZON VIETNAM Travel will do its best for its customer, as long as the services are available. This change could lead to the payment of a supplement to HORIZON VIETNAM Travel if the changed services are superior. HORIZON VIETNAM Travel is always ready to respond to this type of request with the utmost diligence, as long as the required services are available.

Postponement of the arrival date is considered by HORIZON VIETNAM Travel as a modification. A reduction in the number of participants is not. A reduction in the number of participants is not considered a change and will result in cancellation penalties for participants who withdraw and revised rates for the remaining participants.

b. Modification by HORIZON VIETNAM Travel

In case of force majeure, such as modification of the program due to objective reasons: change of domestic flight schedules, weather etc… HORIZON VIETNAM Travel will do it in favour of the client and will inform him/her as soon as possible. In this case, the client cannot ask for a refund or compensation.

4. Cancellation

a. Cancellation by the customer

In the event of cancellation by the client and for whatever reason, the client will be obliged to pay cancellation fees as follows

– 5% of the total price of the trip for any cancellation made more than 30 days before the start of the trip

– 10% applied to the total price for any cancellation made between 16 and 30 days before the start of the trip.

– 20% applied to the total price for any cancellation made between 06 and 15 days before the start of the trip.

– 60% of the total price for cancellations made between 02 and 05 days before the start of the trip.

– 100% of the total price of the trip less than 48 hours before the start of the trip.

This rule is applied to all services booked by the Client to HORIZON VIETNAM Travel.

b. Cancellation by HORIZON VIETNAM Travel

It may happen that HORIZON VIETNAM Travel is obliged to cancel a contract, often for reasons of force majeure: political, health, natural disaster, air transport problems, etc. In all these cases, the registered persons are fully refunded, without being able to benefit from an indemnity.

5. Insurance and responsibility

Any person who participates in a trip organised by HORIZON VIETNAM Travel must take out an international travel insurance policy beforehand, which covers at least medical and repatriation expenses. This insurance is normally offered by the ticketing agencies to the customer when purchasing an international air ticket. The details of the insurer and the customer’s insurance policy number must be communicated to HORIZON VIETNAM Travel before the start of the trip.

During the trip, the traveller must respect the rules announced by the guide or by any other agent of HORIZON VIETNAM Travel. These are the rules to ensure the safety of the client and the successful implementation of the travel program.

HORIZON VIETNAM Travel undertakes to provide all necessary and useful assistance to the client in the event of an incident covered by the insurance, and in particular to assist the client in completing the administrative formalities with the local authorities and his insurer.

HORIZON VIETNAM Travel is a local agency and does not handle Insurance and Assistance. Any person taking part in a trip organised by HORIZON VIETNAM Travel must take out international travel insurance beforehand. This insurance is usually purchased by the client in his home country.

HORIZON VIETNAM Travel is always attentive to its customer’s wishes and will do its best to provide the customer with the best services. HORIZON VIETNAM Travel is responsible to the client as an intermediary between the client and the various service providers (aeroplanes, hotels, transport operators, restaurants, boats…). HORIZON VIETNAM Travel is not responsible for any damage caused by its tourists, we are not responsible for lost or stolen objects, nor for costs caused by accidents, natural disasters, or political problems.

6. Complaints

In case of difficulties, both parties shall endeavour to seek an amicable solution to settle their differences. In case both parties fail to find a solution, the settlement will be made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the International Arbitration Centre of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All claims must be submitted in text form within 30 days after the end of our services.

7. Formalities

Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the seller shall inform the client of the various administrative and/or health formalities required for the execution of the trip (identity card, passport, visa, vaccinations, etc.). The completion of these formalities and their costs are the sole responsibility of the client.

8. Confidentiality of personal information

To ensure the confidentiality of information on our site, we use security protocols and systems. Personal information entered on our site is secured using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). In addition, our systems are protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.

Customers have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them by contacting HORIZON VIETNAM TRAVEL.

9. Child reduction

Children under 2 years of age who do not occupy an individual airline seat or an adult bed will be required to pay for accommodation and meals directly at the airport.

Children over 2 and up to 5 years of age will be charged 40% of the price for adults without an extra bed. The rate will be 60% of the adult rate if an extra bed is used.

Children over 5 years old are considered adults (discount possible => please contact us)

10. Hospitality

It is generally accepted, according to international hotel regulations, that participants vacate their rooms before 12 PM. Re-assignment of rooms will take place from 14.00 hours onwards.

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