M. Jean François Faure

Hello Madam

Very happy with your new shipment

Indeed since Sunday evening, we are back home with memories full of the head. Today soon 3 days after our return we are still a little in your beautiful country and do not fail to praise it to our friends.

We have greatly appreciated the program that you have implemented following our exchanges formulated during its elaboration during the previous months

Each major region has had its share of discoveries, certainly sometimes expected because world-famous, but with personalized details (meetings with the inhabitants, bike tours, culinary activity, gardening with market gardeners etc ….) that have marked us.

It is also necessary to highlight the extraordinary kindness of the people met.

The majority of the meals planned in your program were also highly appreciated for their quality, diversity and discovery of unexpected places. A little worse for that of H.C.M.

The hotels were well appreciated as well as your responsiveness to change us when we were not quite satisfied in Hoi an, for example,

The accompanying guides of each region, each with their own personality, we’re also very appreciated especially the guide of Sapa by his energy and humour, and that of Saigon who gave us good advice for our free time.

There is still much to be said, but we must make a conclusion.

We have made many trips to different parts of the world, but this one, made with your agency will certainly remain among the most successful.

Best regards,

Jean François Faure

M. Jean François Faure

(group 04 people )

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