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Madame Sylvie LAUBRY

Hello Mrs. Nguyen,

Here we are back in France and as agreed I make you a small email to give you our impressions on the circuit.

First of all, we would like to tell you that we are delighted!!

The hotels offered were very very good, nice rooms and very good locations including Hanoi and Saigon.

The restaurants are very good too (the worst can be that of Saigon in the evening).

Our guides were very well also, especially in Hanoi and Sapa (French very well-spoken, good knowledge of the history of the place, great kindness and availability), our guide in Hue may have been a little quick in his visits, we discovered things after; but very nice too. In Saigon, everything went well too, our very nice guide with good explanations.

You may want to ask your guides to specify the departure times of the hotel for the airport and for city changes. We decided on schedules together when we don’t know how long it takes for transfers.

Also in your brochure “practical information”, maybe it is necessary to advise people who go to Sapa by train for 2 or 3 days not to load with the suitcases but with a bag because the compartments are small, and can also be for Halong Bay. This brochure also remains very well explained and complete.

This tour also remains very good, very complete, it gave us a very good overview of your country, we really liked it.

As it is quite busy the two days in Mui Né are advised to rest a little.

We appreciated the kindness and benevolence of the people, and the beautiful landscapes (too bad the weather did not allow us to walk in Sapa but these are the vagaries of the weather!!!)

We will not fail to advise your agency to our friends and acquaintances.

Thank you very much for everything, from your welcome on the day of our arrival and thank you also to Véronique who sent us to you.

We will now review your beautiful country with the many photos we have taken.

Looking forward to contacting you for advice on another destination?

Best regards.

Madame Sylvie LAUBRY

(group 02 people )

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