Mme Delphine Decat

Hello Mrs. Ly,

We thank you for your email, it makes us really happy that you hear from us.

We also wish you and the whole team a very happy new year 2018!

Your email makes us think back to many memories in Asia and makes us smile. Our trip was really great. Everything went really well and our guide was really great!

We really thank you for everything.

We will not hesitate to go back through your agency if we go back to Asia, we were really delighted!

We will also not hesitate to recommend your agency to our friends, and family,…

The photo is great! For souvenir photos, do not hesitate to ask our guide, he made several with his phone.

Besides, could you ask the guide to send us the photos he made through WhatsApp because we don’t have them anymore.

I wish you all a good continuation and I hope that we will meet again soon. 

Delphine and Valentino

Mme Delphine Decat

(group 02 people )

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