Comments for our trip to Vietnam from March 23 to April 15, 2016

First of all, when we arrived in Saigon, a driver and a guide were waiting for us with a big smile and great kindness. After more than 20 hours of flight, what a pleasure! This guide Louk, I think, gave us the money in dongs that we had asked for in addition to the mobile phone which was a great way to communicate with you.

On the first free day where we could discover alone, the city of Saigon was perfect.

Day 3: The guide was at the reception when we arrived, the driver was also there. As we mentioned to you during our visit to your agency when we arrived in Hanoi, let’s say that this guide (Nam) was a bit immature. As for the Silverland Central *** hotel, it gives excellent service. Our room was really good. The program was well respected.

Day 4: Our guide Vu, compared to Nam, was much more appreciated. The program was respected and if I remember well, we slept at the West Hotel in Can Tho, which was very good.

Day 5: Still with Vu, again the program was respected. The private boat was very pleasant. The temples and pagodas were good too. The Nui Sam Lodge (Victoria) was a little paradise. More than 3* in our opinion. Excellent choice of restaurant at lunchtime

Day 6: Still with Vu, very good, again on schedule.

Day 7: Saigon – Da Lat. As we mentioned during our visit to your agency, this tour is far too long by car. 7h30 of driving because there were repairs would be something to avoid. It would be better to do this trip by plane as Da Lat is a very nice town to spend a night in so avoiding the drive would be perfect. The Ngoc L’an Hotel **** is very good and well located. In the morning, we can see a beautiful sunrise from our room window and then go for a walk around the lake nearby, really nice.

Day 8 – 9: Da Lat – Nha Trang with our lovely guide Hoang. He loved flowers and nature, and he made us discover them. And what kindness. Really listening to us. When we had to change hotel in Nha Trang, thanks to your agency and the kindness of our guide and driver, in less than an hour, we were already relocated and the hotel whose name I forgot was very good. I think you have crossed off your list of the Hanoi Golden 1 hotel.

Day 10: Nha Trang – Danang by flight – Hoi An. First of all, we really enjoyed the breakfast that the hotel prepared for us as our flight was early. Excellent. Our driver who took us to the airport and indeed all the drivers we had were on time and even a few minutes early so it was reassuring for us, especially when we had a flight to catch. Really perfect. When we arrived in Danang, once again, the guide and driver were waiting for us. They took us to our hotel and we could, immediately, get our room, have breakfast, a little shower and leave to discover the old town of Hoi An, very nice.

Day 11-12-13. Still with the same guide Diep and the driver, really listening to us to take pictures or any other needs. The restaurants chosen by our guide in these two cities were so good that we went back in the evening to have lunch.

Day 14 – day 18: The North. We were less pleased with our guide and driver for this section and let me explain. As for the city of Hanoi, all the things to visit in and around Hanoi, the puppet show on the evening of our arrival, the dinner on the first night that the guide brought us, it was really good. Hong knows her history very well and her French is very good.

As for the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, as it was the first day of the third lunar month, there were many, many people, classes of children etc., so it would be necessary to warn the customers that this visit could take at least one hour, under the sun, without water to drink, before arriving at the mausoleum. Knowing this would have been more reassuring for us.

As for the cycle-rickshaw ride, as I mentioned earlier, it would be better to give your customers a choice: cycle-rickshaw or small Green cart. Because of the heavy traffic, it is less pleasant to be in a rickshaw.

Going back to the guide and driver for this section, both are excellent in Hanoi city except that when you have to go north, they don’t really know this area. For the driver, the road is winding and much more difficult to drive. As for information about the road, as the guide did not know this part, there was very little.

Also, it was our choice not to go to Sapa and instead go to see the Ban Gioc waterfalls. By the way, it was just as we saw it in the picture. However, we didn’t know that we had to drive so far to get there. I don’t know if we would have made that choice. You should definitely inform your clients of the distance to travel and especially the time it takes to get there.

The hotel in Lang Son, the Muong Thanh, which was supposed to be 4 stars, deserves only 2. No service for the luggage, very ordinary room, really disappointing. But we understand the situation as we are in a remote area.

Day 19: The cruise on Ha Long Bay, was quite pleasant. Very good service, visit of the cave, animator on the boat who deserves an A+, really, as well as all the staff. Delicious meal, egg roll course etc, excellent.

Day 20: The hotel in Ninh Binh (Queen ***), is very good, with large room etc. Almost opposite this hotel, we went to a small restaurant whose name we forgot but which was really excellent. Nice welcome!

Day 21: The ride in Sampam was also very nice. Return to the Gondola Hotel which gives excellent service, lunch etc. Very good.

Day 22: Free day in Hanoi, walk around the city, the tour of the sword lake more than once, nice. And that’s how our trip ends.

Again the next morning our driver arrived on time to take us to the airport. Our breakfast was waiting for us at the reception of the Gondola Hotel, what a great trip!

Your agency gives excellent service, we still can’t believe it. You are attentive to our needs, and at our service, we will not hesitate to recommend you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will recommend your agency with great pleasure.

Clair Beauchemin and Yves Raymond

mr Yves Raymond


(group 02 people )

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